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Body Treatments & Therapies

Designed to renew your body and reveal beautifully glowing skin – for optimal results we recommend a Far Infrared Sauna session prior to any of the therapies below.

Revive Therapy

Revive skin with a body buff leading into a stimulating shower session and comforting yet invigorating targeted body treatment. Treat areas such as the legs, arms, back or abdomen with area specific sources of goodness for a circulation boosting, metabolism energizing and mood enhancing experience.

45 min $110 $93.50

Detox Therapy

Discover yourself in an L Spa moment and allow yourself to transcend and transform with an invigorating detox therapy. A body boosting exfoliation and envelopment will gently release toxins and re-mineralizing your body leaving you feeling light and energized.

60 min $125 $106.25

L Spa Rejuvenate Therapy

Delight in a ritual designed to induce deep relaxation while promoting an overall sense of well-being. Your body is renewed and rebalanced through a careful selection of actives paired with a tranquil scalp massage stimulating pressure points. Cleansed skin is nourished through the essence of nature to reveal luminous, soft, hydrated and touchable skin.

75 min $145 $123.25

Himalayan Salt Stone Detox Ritual

Experience an extraordinary ancient ritual & modern detox for the body featuring Himalayan Salt Stone, an exhilarating salt rub using a combination of precious pink Himalayan salt and a nourishing aromatic oil. This ritual will detoxify the body, ease aches & pains while stimulating the metabolism to restore vitality & balance.

60 min $135 $114.75

Tranquility Pro Sleep Ritual

Deeply alleviate body and mind! This very special massage ritual combines the benefits of a gentle touch and unique soft brushes to induce deep relaxation and favor sleep. Ideal for those experiencing poor-quality sleep, accompanied by anxiety, stress and the subsequent effects on the body such as tight muscles and rigidity.

60 min $135 $114.75

Enhancements to Body Treatments & Therapies

Add one or more of these targeted care enhancements to complete your body treatment.

Hand or Foot Mask $15 $12.75
15 minute Massage $55 $46.75
30 minute Massage $65 $55.25
Body Exfoliation $65 $55.25