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Designed to renew your body and reveal beautifully glowing skin – for optimal results we recommend a Far Infrared Sauna session prior to any of the therapies below.

Revive Therapy

45 min


MEMBERS: $93.50

Revive skin with a nourishing & revitalizing body buff followed by a stimulating shower session. A soothing lotion application will leave skin silky to the touch. Treat yourself to this circulation boosting, metabolism energizing and mood enhancing experience.

NEW ~ Tropical Revitalizer

45 min


MEMBERS: $102.00

Your senses are about to go on a tropical getaway! An organic body buff featuring the ultra refining & hydrating coconut sugar scrub from Eminence Organic Skin Care polishes skin to perfection & followed by a refreshing shower. Your tropical escape continues with the application of the deeply hydrating coconut firming body lotion paired with dreamy yuzu and vitamin-rich camu camu. This revitalizing experience will leave you feeling refreshed & glowing!

Detox Therapy

60 min


MEMBERS: $106.25

Discover yourself in an L Spa moment and allow yourself to transcend and transform with an invigorating detox therapy. A body boosting exfoliation and envelopment will gently release toxins and re-mineralizing your body leaving you feeling light and energized.

L Spa Rejuvenate Therapy

75 min


MEMBERS: $123.25

Delight in a ritual designed to induce deep relaxation while promoting an overall sense of well-being. Your body is renewed and rebalanced through a careful selection of actives paired with a tranquil scalp massage stimulating pressure points. Cleansed skin is nourished through the essence of nature to reveal luminous, soft, hydrated and touchable skin.

Himalayan Salt Stone Detox Ritual

60 min


MEMBERS: $114.75

Experience an extraordinary ancient ritual & modern detox for the body featuring Himalayan Salt Stone, an exhilarating salt rub using a combination of precious pink Himalayan salt and a nourishing aromatic oil. This ritual will detoxify the body, ease aches & pains while stimulating the metabolism to restore vitality & balance.

Tranquility Pro Sleep Ritual

60 min


MEMBERS: $114.75

Deeply alleviate body and mind! This very special massage ritual combines the benefits of a gentle touch and unique soft brushes to induce deep relaxation and favor sleep. Ideal for those experiencing poor-quality sleep, accompanied by anxiety, stress and the subsequent effects on the body such as tight muscles and rigidity.

Enhancements to Body Treatments & Therapies

Add one or more of these targeted care enhancements to complete your body treatment.

Hand or Foot Mask

NON-MEMBER $15|  MEMBER: $12.75

15 min Masssage

NON-MEMBER $60|  MEMBER: $51.00

30 min Massage

NON-MEMBER $70|  MEMBER: $59.50

Body Exfoliation

NON-MEMBER $70|  MEMBER: $59.50

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