December Features

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Our December Features have arrived and we know you’re going to love them just as much as we do! Take time this month to treat yourself to some well deserved Me Time at the L!  December Features valid until December 31, 2023.


$120 ( Value $125 )

90 min Sole Soothing Pedicure


Step into our whirlpool foot bath and allow tension to leave your body while feet are gently manipulated and transformed. Enjoy a luxurious exfoliation, massage and foot mask for the ultimate ‘sole to soul’ soothing experience. A hybrid polish application provides you with ready-to-go, perfectly cured and vibrant toes.


*Enhance this therapy by adding a Hot Stone Foot Massage to your service ($20)

Warm Wishes

$130 ( Value $135 )

60 min Tranquility Pro Sleep Ritual


Deeply alleviate body and mind! This very special massage ritual combines the benefits of a gentle touch and unique soft brushes to induce deep relaxation and favor sleep. Ideal for those experiencing poor-quality sleep, accompanied by anxiety, stress and the subsequent effects on the body such as tight muscles and rigidity.


*Enhance this therapy with a 30 min Far Infrared Sauna Session ($20).