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Time to try TriPollar!

TriPollar is clinically proven to tighten skin, leaving skin looking firmer and younger. Each package includes a 30 min. complimentary consultation and assessment. As packages must be prepaid, there is no expiry date.

Tripollar Series

Tripollar Packages

Firm & Lift

Stimulate collagen production and blast skin with powerful oxygen and nutrients. Experience total skin transformation with this  clinically proven treatment designed to firm and lift. (Approx. 1 HR, 45 MIN).

75 MIN TriPollar Full Face, Neck and Eye Zone Single Session; 30 MIN Luzern O2 Blast.

$165 $140.25

Tone & Sculpt

Achieve a sculpted derriere with a the help of this gentle and non-invasive therapy designed to leave skin looking firmer and the body sculpted. (Approx. 1 HR, 30 MIN).

30 MIN Far Infrared Sauna Session; 45 MIN TriPollar Buttocks Single Session; and 10 MIN Vibra Pro 5500.

$155 $131.75

Nip & Tuck

Radio Frequency Therapy reduces adipose cells and accelerates collagen production, visibly contouring the body. A Vibra Pro 5500 and Far Infrared Sauna session will increase circulation facilitating detoxification. Reveal healthy glowing skin with our firming organic body treatment.  (Approx. 3 hours)

60 MIN Abdomen & Love Handles Tripollar Session (requires 30 MIN complimentary consultation prior to session); 10 MIN Vibra Pro 5500; 75 MIN L Spa Rejuvenate Therapy; 30 MIN Far Infrared Sauna Session and spa lunch.

$335 $284.75


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