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Whether you join us for a pedicure or facial, a body treatment or a luxurious massage, you will be treated to the full spa experience.

L Spa Sensation

Escape from the world outside. Wrap yourself in a plush robe and unwind in our Tranquility Lounge. Recline on a leather sofa near a fireplace, and savour exquisite spa fare options available from an L Spa exclusive menu as you prepare to be pampered.

L Spa Tranquility

Retreat into yourself. During your treatment, enjoy relaxing spa music promoting a meditative state. Or, if you prefer, wear a Hush Pin to indicate to others around you that you are on your own journey and would appreciate silence.

L Spa Comfort

Our spa features climate control, water walls, soothing music and dimly lit candles. Take advantage of the numerous therapeutic benefits offered by our Far Infrared Sauna by scheduling a session prior to your next spa retreat.

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