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Summer Refresh ~ NEW ~

NON-MEMBER $420.00

MEMBER: $357.00

Get ready for a relaxing Summer escape. We begin with an organic tropical body buff that will leave skin soft and supple. A good-enough-to-eat tropical facial and a lash & brow tint will enhance your natural beauty this Summer. We concluding with a restorative and soothing tropical pedicure.

(Approx. 4 hours – 5 hours)

Recovery Boost ~ NEW ~

NON-MEMBER $195.00

MEMBER: $165.75

Exercise improves your overall health and wellbeing. We understand that there are times when your body needs a recovery boost…May it be as a result of a new workout program, stepping up your current routine; or after unexpected & strenuous activities. Allow us to boost circulation, and facilitate the release of lactic acid build up from sore, achy muscles with this Recovery package.

(Approx. 2 hours – 3 hours)

Sleep Reset ~ NEW ~

NON-MEMBER $175.00

MEMBER: $148.75

Sleep is a hot topic, and a rare commodity, these days! We are here to help you combat insomnia, restlessness, and promote the ability to stay asleep longer, helping you feel more rested and alert. Quality sleep doesn’t have to be a modern luxury and is absolutely attainable with the help of these therapies promoting deep relaxation.

(Approx. 2 hours – 2.5 hours)

Take a Break

NON-MEMBER $190.00

MEMBER: $161.50

Unwind and find your centre. Allow stress to leave your body as Far Infrared rays gently heat your body easing tense muscles and releasing an abundance of happy hormones. Relax in our state-of-the-art pedicure chairs and enjoy a gentle roller massage while therapists take care of tired, achy feet and hydrate hard working hands.

(Approx. 2 hours 45 min)

Diva For The Day

NON-MEMBER $450.00

MEMBER: $382.50

Pamper yourself ~ you deserve it! A manicure, pedicure and facial will leave you looking and feeling great. Experience a custom massage and quiet time nestled under warm covers to enjoy the perfect tranquil respite. Package includes chocolate covered strawberries. (Approx. 6 – 8 HOURS)


Urban Man “Me-Time”

NON-MEMBER $295.00

MEMBER: $250.75

Men deserve pampering too. It has been proven to make you more productive! Experience an invigorating sports massage, a hot towel facial, and a revitalizing foot treatment. Package includes chocolate dipped strawberries & sparkling mineral water. (Approx. 2 HOURS, 45 MIN)


Opulent Organics

NON-MEMBER $350.00

MEMBER: $297.50

Allow your body to feast on healing herbs, luscious fruits and vegetables; just the way nature intended. Detoxify the system and experience a sense of relaxation with a healing body massage followed by a good-enough-to-eat organic facial and a deeply nourishing pedicure. * Includes nail colour. (Approx. 3 HOURS, 30 MIN)


Baby Bliss

NON-MEMBER $375.00

MEMBER: $318.75

The perfect pampering package for the expecting mom. Our pregnancy pillow offers you the comfort of lying on your tummy while a massage therapist applies specialized massage** techniques to tight, tense muscles. Enjoy a soothing pedicure focused on nourishing the skin with organic ingredients. Indulge with chocolate dipped strawberries and herbal tea. **Massage therapy should be avoided until the second trimester. (Approx. 4 HOURS)


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