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It’s time to let your hair down and allow us to give your scalp the care and attention it needs.

The perfect Scalp & Hair Spa journey starts with our IHM, or scalp massage, followed by an Exfoliating Treatment, Oxygen Therapy, and completing it with a Conditioning Treatment.

We highly recommended pairing one or more of these therapies with a Body Therapy for a complete head to toe experience.

Choose from one of the following  Scalp & Hair Spa options:

Indian Head Massage

25 min


MEMBERS: $55.25

This holistic tradition from the East, featuring deep, superficial and invigorating movements, calms the mind and relaxes the body. A unique scalp massage with numerous benefits including relaxation, headache & stress relief as well as the promotion of hair strength and growth. Find your centre, realign your energy and achieve optimal balance.

Exfoliating Scalp Therapy

30 min


MEMBERS: $59.50

Experience a multi-benefit treatment designed to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize for healthy-looking hair and refreshed scalp. This therapy is suitable for all hair types, including colour treated hair. Once the treatment has been delivered you will enjoy a shower session featuring our in-house spa hair care brands.

Benefits range from:

Conditioning Scalp Treatment

30 min


MEMBERS: $59.50

This hair & scalp treatment is designed to provide hydration and revitalization, promoting healthy hair growth, enhancing shine and reducing dryness. The treatment is apply to the hair & scalp, and massage in for optimal nutrient delivery.

Benefits include:

Invigorating Scalp Treatment

60 min


MEMBERS: $106.25

Experience the benefits our Exfoliating Scalp Treatment combined with our Conditioning Hair & Scalp Treatment. This is the ultimate restorative and invigorating scalp treatment that you’ve been looking for.

Scalp & Hair Spa Enhancement

Oxygen Scalp Treatment (Add-On Only)

45 min


MEMBERS: $97.75

Allow us to increase the circulation of your scalp with the power of oxygen. Hair growth is promoted through powerful actives providing hydration and nutrients to the scalp via dermal oxygen rejuvenation.