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Massage & Bodyworks

All L SPA massages feature a welcome ritual incorporating a unique and exclusive essential oil blend that encourages well-being of the mind and body. Ask your therapist about a complimentary sachet of Epsom salts and continue your relaxation journey at home.

Wellness Massage

Relax, rebalance, nourish. Let our talented massage therapists design a full body massage for you. Select the perfect botanical essence for your mood. And aromatherapy is just a start. Your therapist will soothe away soreness, release muscle tension and reduce stress to rebalance your body and create a deep sense of well-being.

45 minute wellness massage $90 $63
60 minute wellness massage $105 $73.50
75 minute wellness massage $120 $89
90 minute wellness massage $135 $109

Pampered Couples Massage

Indulge with a relaxing Far Infrared Sauna session before being treated to side by side pampered relaxation massages in our private couples’ suite. Contunue your experience in our Tranquility Lounge and delight in herbal teas and chocolate covered strawberries. Shoud you wish to add side-by-side facials or pedicures, please view our FACIALS and PEDICURE page.

30 min Far Infrared sauna / 60 min massage $225 $191.25
30 min Far Infrared sauna / 90 min massage $275 $233.75

L SPA Pampered Perfection

Unwind and dirft away with a customized 120 minute relaxation massage. Our state-of-the-art bed adjusts and conforms to the needs of your body while a heated towel ritual enhances the experience. While remaining in a state of relaxation, journey to the seat of a beautiful soaker chair and experience a copper bowl foot immersion. Meditate or dream for awhile before being treated to herbal tea and chocolate covered strawberries. Experience a new sense of calm.

150 min $200 $170

Pregnancy or Postnatal Massage*

Designed especially to pamper the expectant mother. Massage during pregnancy can help improve circulation, soothe tired aching muscles, and relieve headaches, tension, swelling and stress. We use the pregnancy pillow to make you extra comfortable. (We do recommend that if you are expecting, you consult with your physician before receiving spa treatments).

* Pregnancy massage is not permitted until the end of the first trimester. Please inform us at the time of booking of any medical conditions or complications that may result in obtaining medical permission.

60 min $100 $85
6 sessions $540 $459

Express Relief Favorites

Target and treat with the ultimate stress reduction remedy.Tell us where you are experiencing stress, strain, tightness or pain, and we’ll provide you with relief. The perfect “Me-Time” therapy for any schedule.

  • Hand & Foot
  • Neck & Scalp
  • Lower Back & Buttocks
  • Upper Back & Shoulders
30 min $65 $55.25


Enhancements to Massage & Bodyworks

Add one or more of these targeted care enhancements to complete your massage.

Organic Massage Souffle $10 $8.50
Hand or Foot Mask $15 $12.75
15 minute Massage $45 $38.25
30 minute Massage $55 $46.75
Body Exfoliation $65 $55.25