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We know finding a babysitter or play-care facility you trust can be stressful and difficult. We have been there, lived it. At Care in a Pinch Inc, our focus is helping parents handle all of life’s possibilities, without the worry of finding quality childcare. We provide safe and inclusive environments for the children in our care, whether at our event play-care centre or through our residential babysitting services. Our secure and rigid screening process means we only work with highly-qualified and reputable childcare professionals and educators who are ready to help your child(ren) learn, grow and thrive. Care in a Pinch Inc. adopts a play-based, child-centered approach to all things we do. We are proud to offer residential babysitting services to keep structure and routine or provide a new environment for children 3 months to 12-years old. We are responsive to children’s interests to create meaningful independent learning experiences, and prioritize active participation, relationship building, curiosity, and play-based learning.

Our Philosophy

At Care in a Pinch Inc., we embrace all children and encourage our families and communities to come together and support each other. Our caregivers provide an inclusive, safe environment and activities that keep each day exciting for your child(ren). We strive to maintain ongoing communication with families and create a strong foundation for all children built in a positive environment where we nurture every step of the way.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring peace of mind to parents while developing the love of learning and play in children. Care in a Pinch Inc. aims to evoke curiosity, independence and development. We are proud to help parents handle life’s possibilities through flexible childcare.

Our Mission

At Care in a Pinch Inc., we believe in the value and uniqueness of each family we serve. As professional caregivers, our mission is to provide a safe, positive and inclusive learning environment, which fosters a child’s natural desire to explore, play, discover, create, and learn. Our mission is to aid in the development of young minds while allowing parents and caregivers to handle day-to-day possibilities that arise.

Our People


Comforting aura. Positive. Playful. Adaptable. These are just some of the words people use to describe Care in a Pinch Inc. owners, moms, and friends Nathoya Smith and Shannae Delancy. Nathoya, a Unit Clerk with significant customer service and management experience, and Shannae, a Registered Nurse, bring a combined 23 years of hands-on parenting experience, flexibility and quick thinking skills to Care in a Pinch Inc. Along with their professional experience, Nathoya’s naturally comforting presence perfectly compliments Shannae’s curiosity-inspiring energy. Together, they’re a harmonized balance, attracting both parents and children. They respect that every family is like a fingerprint – unique and unlike any other. As moms, they also understand that life happens outside of the typical nine to five and sometimes, you need a trustworthy sitter in a snap. The duo met at Crystal Lake Park in July 2018 and instantly became friends. Ever since, both ladies have been attending community events and volunteering together – often with their children by their side.

In giving back to their community with their time, both mothers have connected with other families and realized that atypical childcare options are limited and sometimes nonexistent in Grande Prairie. Both mothers know taking care of themselves has a positive effect on their well being and their relationships with their children. With that in mind, Care in a Pinch Inc. was created. Nathoya and Shannae want to share that joyful experience with other parents, giving them a chance to do what they like – whether that’s socialize with grown-up friends, go on a date, finish a work project, hit the gym, or enjoy some much-needed alone time. Above all, Nathoya and Shannae envision a community of parents having access to childcare for those scenarios.

In addition to individual babysitting, Care in a Pinch offers a signature Playmate Package, where several parents can bring their kids to one location, sharing the cost of childcare and offering kids a chance to play and socialize together. Care in a Pinch also provides drop in childcare at workshops, conferences, weddings, get-togethers and community events. Beyond being moms and community-minded boss babes, Shannae and Nathoya enjoy taking spontaneous adventures or laughing together over a glass of wine.


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