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Spa Features

Get your green glow on during the month of April at The L Spa and Wellness Centre! In celebration of Earth Day we have designed therapies that are green, grounding and branching into holistic directions!

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. ~ Native American Proverb



 $45* (Approx. value $55)*

Experience a therapy with ancient roots designed to centre and ground your being! Let go of stress, let go of tension, let go of to-do lists and let go of what is holding you back. Take a few minutes to refocus, relax and re-route!

25MIN Indian Head Massage featuring Neuma newRepair Argan Oil


 $85* (Approx. value $105)*

Exfoliate, de-puff and rejuvenate with a stimulating body experience. Awaken every cell in your body through the power of caffeine while coconut, botanical hyaluronic acid and a natural retinol alternative provides age defying and firming actives from head to toe. You will leave feeling light, yet grounded!

45MIN Coconut-Coffee Body Buff including an Coconut Firming Lotion Application


 $99* (Approx. value $125)*

Rejuvenate mind, body and soul through the discovery of holistic therapies! A hot stone massage is deeply grounding and relaxing while a raindrop rituals features an array of powerful botanical essences. Boost your immune system and deeply relax with the help of manual lymphatic drainage or clear away blockages and rebalance chakras with Reiki. Embark on an exploratory holistic adventure by branching into new directions!

60MIN Holistic Therapy (Hot Stone Massage, Raindrop Ritual, MLD or Reiki)

WELLNESS BONUS!* Vibra Pro 2 for 1 Sessions!

Embrace positive vibes, or rather vibrations with a Vibra Pro 5500 session. Shake away muscle tension, increase circulation and boost your metabolism in a little 10 minutes at only $10 per session. During the month of April you may share the experience with two for 1 sessions!

*Terms & conditions apply.


* PLUS APPLICABLE TAXES. FEATURES VALID THRU TO APRIL 30, 2018.  Discounts & promotional offers may not be combined. Terms & conditions apply.

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