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Karie Cassel

The  L Spa and Wellness Centre is excited to announce a wellness collaboration with Karie Cassell, Registered Dietician, Certified Life Coach and bestselling author of The Domino Diet!

Karie Cassell is an internationally known professional author, keynote speaker, registered dietitian of more than 30, and a certified life coach. Since the age of 13, she has been called to serve in wellness. After studying alternative medicine, she became a dietitian and worked in several areas of health and wellness including specializing in heart disease, diabetes, and sports nutrition with the International Olympic Committee. Karie has worked in all spectrums of health from acute, chronic, and preventative care. After working in an acute care hospital, she felt pulled as a trendsetter to build a chronic care model where she specialized in diabetes.

As a Certified Diabetes Educator for 10 years, she worked her way to winning awards and to being on the Board of Directors for The Canadian Diabetes Association and Chair of the Diabetes Educators of Canada. Her journey then called her to discover the real effect in holistically helping others find their optimal well-being pulling all the pieces together through her Life Coach Certification where she achieved the highest level of training as a Life Mastery Consultant with the Brave Thinking Institute.  With a robust level of knowledge and holistic approach, Karie runs a thriving successful private practice to help with prevention and disease management.

In addition, Karie’s love of speaking took her to complete a Presentation Mastery certification with Toastmasters International, with distinctive awards. Karie has become a sought-after speaker to thousands of audiences of all sizes and ages, on an international scale and on all platforms. She has spoken to over 119 countries on various topics on the broad spectrum of life and wellbeing. Her recent audience captivated over 7000 people with huge praise. She promises to leave your audience saying, “I’ve never heard it that way before” while bringing hope, inspiration, motivation, and expert advice with a realistic, twist of humor approach! As Karie says, Information and inspiration do not create transformation alone but with Participation it will. Her way of speaking and writing will leave you with guidance to your transformation! In fact, between speaking, coaching, and helping individuals, Karie has helped well over 100,000 people transform their lives from the inside out. 

Karie has been featured in well-known magazines, newsletters, TV interviews, commercials, and featured on FOX, ABC, NBC, Marketplace, etc. You will find publications by Karie in reputable magazines such as, Chatelaine, Canadian Living, Today’s Parent, Best Health, the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition and The Canadian Diabetes Association. 

She is an achiever in all “walks” of life, having completed full marathons and adventure races, traveled the world, been a successful business entrepreneur, and more importantly, a mom to her beautiful daughter Seanna and her bonus boys Tyler and Riley, and a wife to their dad Stephen.

While Karie is proud of her achievements with credentials and accolades to prove it, she admits her greatest achievements came from turning her “Adversity into her University” and turning a “mess” into a message. Karie brings all of this to her proudest endeavor today as the Author of the book. 

The Domino Diet: How to Heal You from The Inside Out”

It isn’t just about The Diet. It doesn’t start or end with the Diet either. Your thoughts become things; you are what you eat and you are what you breathe too.

The Domino Diet Formula: Thoughts🡪Breath🡪Hormones🡪Feelings🡪Action🡪Results🡪Freedom 

Karie is a Dietitian on a Mission to Put the Heal back in the word Health and bring back the true meaning of the word diet as a way of life. It is time to fast your diet thinking and fill your healing thinking!

For more information on Karie Cassell call 780-814-2983 or e-mail: Nutritionbykarie@gmail.com or visit her website: https://www.thedominodiet.com/